GeODin Essentials enables working with geological logs, CPTSs, SPTs, samples, groundwater & well design. This data can be easily added to cross-sections and site plans. 


GeODin Professional includes many additional features for client/server databases, GIS integration, measurement analysis and presentation.


GeODin Portal allows your desktop GeODin databases to be shared online, so your customers simply view geoinformation in a browser.


GeODin Shuttle is our free software program that can be used on site or in the office, wherever additional GeODin workplaces are required. GeODin Shuttle contains many features from GeODin Essentials and GeODin Professional in demo modus. The databases created are fully compatible with Version 9 GeODin Essentials, GeODin Professional and GeODin Portal. 

Stay up-to-date

Automatically get all the latest features for GeODin 9 with our new Software Update Service GeODin+, starting from just 280 € per licence per year.
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Education Licence

Research and Teaching with GeODin
Use our university license to conduct scientific work, research projects or courses with GeODin for a one-time fee of 690 €.
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Price list

Price list, updates & renting
GeODin 7 or 8 users can update to GeODin 9 Essentials starting from 560 €, or to GeODin 9 Professional starting from just 1150 €.
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Software when you need it
With our software rental options, you can use GeODin flexibly and always get the newest software including the latest GeODin features.
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Order form

GeODin software and services
Please complete the linked order form, entering the numbers and prices of the items that you require on the reverse side.
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What's new in GeODin 9

System requirements for GeODin

The recommended system requirements for GeODin are PCs with Windows operating system from Windows 10 (64-bit) with 4 GB RAM and a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 px. GeODin may also be run from a Windows Server 2016 or higher as well as Citrix. Previous Windows operating systems and RAM configurations may work, but these are not supported. By default GeODin data is stored in a Microsoft Access® database (note that you do not need a Microsoft Access licence). When working with client/server databases the appropriate database drivers must also be installed.

GeODin can be used as a stand-alone program or integrated in a multi-user network. GeODin is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish. Integrated contextual help is provided in English and German. GeODin is designed, programmed and distributed exclusively by Fugro.

GeODin Essentials

Cross-section created with GeODin Essentials

Borehole logs
With GeODin Essentials you can present geological layers, CPTSs, groundwater, well design, soil parameters, samples, core photos and tables. Preconfigured templates are provided which are user customisable for different content and paper sizes. Template management is simplified by using layout collections, layout snippets and quick settings. Multilingual borehole logs can be printed using the automated translations for both text and fill patterns. 

Cross-sections and site plans
Assistants help you in the quick creation of cross-sections and site plans. Using the XYZ borehole positions, cross-sections and plans can be created from multiple projects stored in your GeODin database. Define lines of section, turning points, projection, vertical & horizontal scales and paper format (10 x 10m). Integration of wells & groundwater, CPTs, lab analyses and other geotechnical and environmental parameters can be saved as scenarios and reused in further sections and plans.

GeODin layout for soil classification with Robertson and measurement diagrams, borehole log, depth-oriented core photo and legend

Symbols and queries 
GeODin symbols can be used to code different types of boreholes, whilst overlap free text labelling can be chosen for site plans with dense concentrations of boreholes. 
GeODin queries allow the contents of thousands of data records to be searched almost instantaneously, for both individual users or GeODin teams.

User customizable GeODin dictionaries allow you to add new codes and fill patterns. When interpreting soil horizons and rock layers in cross-sections, you may choose between freehand and automatic construction of layer boundaries between profiles. The polygons created are fully editable, allowing adjustments for local stratigraphic variations.

GeODin Essentials
Collect and present geotechnical and geoenvironmental data in user customisable multilingual templates. Create cross-sections and integrate borehole logs, well design, CPTs, SPTs, samples and groundwater. Use queries to analyse GeODin databases.
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GeODin Professional

GeODin measurement editor with time range controller (top) and diagram preview (bottom)

Data management
GeODin Professional provides data collection, organisation & analysis. The user definable configuration options allow customisation of data structure, lists, parameters and formulae. GeODin Professional includes many different types of graphical presentation, specialist hydrogeological diagrams, statistical reports and unit conversion. GeODin data can be stored in leading client/server databases, either commercial products or open source alternatives.

GeODin Professional contains all the features of GeODin Essentials, plus the following features: 

  • List comparisons, plausibility controls
  • Presentation of XY diagrams, pie and bar charts
  • Creation of time series for multiple parameters
  • Sieve analysis and grain size distribution curves
  • User definable exports schemas and  XLSX, CSV, MDB & ACCDB formats
  • Supports Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle®, PostgreSQL®, MySQL®
  • Database queries and views for alternative data models

GeODin map with mini graphics of borehole logs

GIS features in GeODin Professional:

  • Compatible with common GIS formats (ECW, SHP)
  • Support for raster and vector data (TIFF, JPG, DXF)
  • Map export to KML, GML, SHP, JSON
  • Web Map and Tile Map Services (WMS, TMS)
  • GeODin QGIS plug-in integrates with QGIS 2.18 long term release
  • Open GeODin databases & projects and display GeODin objects
  • Create boreholes from QGIS and display GeODin layouts as PDFs
  • Read GeODin user queries in QGIS or create native QGIS queries
  • GeODin GIS Extension connects GeODin to ESRI ArcGIS 10.4 and higher
  • Create queries and layers, insert graphics in ArcMap documents
  • Select object in GeODin and create groups
  • Start data collection, the measurement editor, the cross-section assistant or open a graphic in GeODin
  • Show graphics in an extra window anzeigen


Basic GIS Extension functions require no GeODin installation. GeODin functions require a GeODin Professional licence.

GeODin Professional
GeODin Professional combines powerful data analysis with specialist presentation and publishing tools for desktop, client/ server and open source databases. QGIS & ArcGIS integration is provided as well as an optimised embedded GIS solution.
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GeODin GIS Extension
The GeODin GIS Extension is specifically designed for customers who use ESRI® ArcGIS™ 10.4 and higher software and want to dynamically embed their GeODin database in this GIS environment. With the extension you can control GeODin from GIS and use many GeODin functions directly in the GIS context.
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GeODin Portal

GeODin portal with base map and locations of groundwater loggers and wells

Sharing information
Using GeODin Portal you can quickly publish a GeODin database to the web in a few easy steps. The basis is a GeODin map document. Once you have created a set of GeODin layouts to display your geoinformation and made links to enable navigation between the layouts, you’re all set. By adding the GeODin Service to your GeODin installation you can manage GeODin databases as websites. Simply define which layout is to be the starting page for each database you want to share. Alternatively, conventional layouts without links can be used to provide up-to-date status reports in an existing IT system.

Online Demos

Click on the above link to see GeODin databases live on the web. Each database contains boreholes from well known locations, though the geo-information presented is fictitious. At these sites geological and geotechnical data, water levels and environmental parameters have been recorded. Selecting a borehole displays this information as geological profiles, well design, samples, CPTs and photos. Measurement data is also available for single points or groups shown as time series, reports, statistics, or in specialist graphics  such as anion and cation plots, Piper & Stiff diagrams.

Schematic diagram of the GeODin service for providing online portals with GeODin Portal

Technical information:
GeODin Portal requires the installation and configuration of the GeODin Service (a Windows® service application). The service has a HTTP web server module which can be used to create images and HTML pages. Settings for the GeODin Service are managed in the GeODin Service Controller. GeODin Portal uses system databases which are available to all users, rather than personalised database connections, specific to only one user. To complement the on-screen display, GeODin Portal can use GeODin layout collections to publish PDF reports and provide data download links in CSV and JSON formats. GeODin Portal replaces all previous GeODin Server editions.

GeODin Portal
GeODin Portal enables you to share geo-information by creating websites from a GeODin database. Up to date monitoring data can be presented using interlinked layouts. GeODin Portal can be integrated with GIS applications, information and map servers.
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GeODin Shuttle

Data acquisition in SEP 3 standard with GeODin Shuttle

On the road
GeODin Shuttle makes an ideal addition to a field computer, so that drilling data and other geo-information can be captured on site without the need for a full GeODin licence. GeODin databases, projects and boreholes can be created and the installation customised by installing additional object types and standards. The databases can be transferred by email or simply copied to an USB drive. GeODin Shuttle can be further extended on site by adding new codes, fill patterns and symbols to GeODin dictionaries. 

In the office
GeODin Shuttle can also be integrated in an office set up where other GeODin licences are in use. Databases created with GeODin Shuttle use the same Microsoft Access® database format as full GeODin editions and hence the data collected can be read and used by colleagues in the office with GeODin Essentials and GeODin Professional. Individual boreholes, projects or complete databases can be transferred within the GeODin user interface. New dictionary codes created in the field can be synchronised with the office installation.

Layout view with watermark in GeODin Shuttle

Demo features
GeODin Shuttle 9 contains many features from GeODin Essentials and GeODin Professional in demo modus. Hence you can try out creating geological cross- sections and  site plans, design you own GeODin layouts and reports, or try out time series, pie charts, Stiff and Piper diagrams. Please note that you cannot save or print these graphic files.

All graphics are displayed with a demo modus overlay, so that screenshots or printed output is not suitable for professional use. However the underlying data records are fully compatible with Version 9 GeODin Essentials, GeODin Professional and GeODin Portal. Version 8 and earlier databases can be read but saving will convert them to a Version 9 only format.

GeODin Shuttle
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Trial version
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