New in GeODin 9.6: The print preview
NEWS · 24. Juni 2022
With the release of GeODin 9.6 on 22nd June 2022 the GeODin print engine has been extended with a print preview. All pages of a printout can now be checked, enlarged and sorted in advance. Furthermore, with the print preview the export of reports from layout collections (formerly layout lists) via external PDF printers is supported again.

Release of GeODin 9.5
NEWS · 26. Januar 2022
We are pleased to inform you that the new version, GeODin 9.5, is available for you as of today. In this article we summarise the most important information about the new version for you.

GeODin user administration
NEWS · 16. Dezember 2021
With the user administration in GeODin 9 it is now possible to restrict the visibility for GeODin methods, system databases, system and user queries as well as object groups directly via the system tab of GeODin or at the respective elements.

GeODin object type: Climate monitoring station
NEWS · 17. August 2021
The object type "climate monitoring station" enables the collection of general data on various monitoring stations together with the corresponding measurements , which can be displayed and evaluated using predefined GeODin layouts.

GeODin object type: Universal Geotechnical Standard (UGS)
NEWS · 24. Mai 2021
The GeODin "Universal Geotechnical Standard" (UGS) integrates DIN EN ISO 14688 and 14689, DIN ISO 720, BS 5930:1999 as well as GOST 21.302-2013 standards, in one multilingual object type. This is ideal for projects where no specific standard for data collection has been defined.

GeODin screencasts
NEWS · 22. Januar 2021
In addition to the integrated help system in GeODin and our online Help centre (see Support page), there are many tutorial videos available to help you get started with GeODin.

GeODin object type: Geotechnical investigation EN ISO 22475 (2018) including ÖNORM
NEWS · 13. Januar 2021
From now on GeODin offers you the possibility to record data according to ÖNORM EN ISO 14688-1/2 and 14689 (2019). For this purpose, the object type "Geotechnical investigation EN ISO 22475 (2018)" is available, which can be installed by all customers free of charge via the GeODin user interface.

NEWS · 15. Dezember 2020
In GeODin 9, geotechnical data can be collected with a variety of geotechnical data types and graphically displayed or evaluated in special layouts.

NEWS · 04. Dezember 2020
In this article we present the new object type "Geotechnical Investigation EN ISO 22475 (2018)" developed for GeODin 9.

NEWS · 21. August 2020
Finally: GeODin 9 is now officially available. In this article we have summarized the most important information about the update process and support as well as new features and discount campaigns.

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