Artikel mit dem Tag "object type"

GeODin object type: Climate monitoring station
NEWS · 17. August 2021
The object type "climate monitoring station" enables the collection of general data on various monitoring stations together with the corresponding measurements , which can be displayed and evaluated using predefined GeODin layouts.

GeODin object type: Universal Geotechnical Standard (UGS)
NEWS · 24. Mai 2021
The GeODin "Universal Geotechnical Standard" (UGS) integrates DIN EN ISO 14688 and 14689, DIN ISO 720, BS 5930:1999 as well as GOST 21.302-2013 standards, in one multilingual object type. This is ideal for projects where no specific standard for data collection has been defined.

NEWS · 04. Dezember 2020
In this article we present the new object type "Geotechnical Investigation EN ISO 22475 (2018)" developed for GeODin 9.