GeODin object type: Geotechnical investigation EN ISO 22475

For effective digital geotechnical & geological data collection and visualization, with associated groundwater monitoring and wells, GeODin 9 provides the new object type "Geotechnical Exploration EN ISO 22475 (2018)" in German and English. This object type is a further development of the object type "Geotechnical Investigation EN ISO 22475 (2007)". Input masks, dictionaries and data types for measurement values and layouts are based on the standards DIN EN ISO 22475, DIN EN ISO 14688/14689 and DIN 4943.


A set of comprehensive masks in the layer data editor allow various soil and rock characteristics to be entered (separation surfaces, degree of decomposition, consistency, degree of weathering, rock strength, rock quality & cored section limits).

The results of field and laboratory investigations for determining the suitability of soils in construction design issues can be managed using special data types.

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